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Onwards and Upwards
HDR 05   Serenity   Ketenangan Abadi
Matthew 19 4 6  Let No One Separate
They Go Up
Colourfull chairs
DSCN2544 The beginning of the end   the dry river  Getty Images
Henry Walters in the Walters  Picture Gallery  Baltimore  1884
Wheeeee   Explore   81
Art Gallery of New South Wales
Fechin  Nicolai  1881 1955    Boris Karloff  National Portrait Gallery  London  UK
Searching lighter desperately
La Grande Galleria
berlin wall
Heaven Sent    Explore   26 and still in 3 15  My Dogs
Jumping into the new dimension
Feel The Force   Explore   62
Ascent    Sculpture by Gary Lee Price
Sultan Mahmud Bridge  Kuala Terengganu  DSC 0810
rocks and blue and pink sunset jpg
Inside Canon Gallery 2             2
Flood Falls Provincial Park  BC  Canada  Explore
Bouquet of Sunflowers
The Magic Of Rain   Explore   76
Doberman   acrylic on canvas by Caio Fern
La National Gallery in Trafalgar Square
Art Gallery   Benesse House   Naoshima
Search  browse  TAKE  fifty seven
Who s that girl
Don t Try This At Home
Lost In The Clouds   Explore   64
Light   Shadow
Sunrise Awakening  Explore   163
Great Spotted Cuckoo
American Wigeon  Anas americana   Transit
Mono Lake Sunrise
springtime romance in hasselblad pink   copyright Edward Olive photographer fotografo   photo available to license in Getty Image Collection
A Hena day of a Bride  REpOSTing for comments and Faves

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